By Mike

Thanks for stopping by to inspect my latest product.

I am an editorial and commercial photographer who has worked in the Seattle area for many years.

Our latest product is a collection of photographs of every building on the lakes, ship canal, and bays between Seattle and Bellevue. We painstakingly crawled the shoreline in a boat and photographed the shoreline and up the hills to get a photo of EVERY building that can be seen from the water all the way from the Government locks through the ship canal into Lake Union, Portage Bay, Union Bay, into Lake Washington to Kenmore, the Renton airport, all of Mercer Island, and everything between.

Currently there is a growing database of photographs of more than 13,000 images. They are organized so you can find the property you are interested in by segments of the shoreline. We used common landmarks to mark the segments.

Check out the other pages here on this website to determine if this product will help you sell more real estate, find a building location, get proper insurance coverage, or any other need you may have for an archive of photographs of every building on the fresh water shores (and more) of Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Juanita, Kenmore, Rainier Beach, Renton, Newcastle, or Newport Keys.

If you still have questions or need photographic help in marketing your product, company, or service call me or write me any time:

Mike Penney, Photographer


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