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MAPS, all of them

If you click once on these thumbs they will get bigger. Click again they will go to full size. The yellow numbers added to the maps refer to the folder (on the photo CD/DVD’s we deliver to clients) in which you will find the photos in the order the arrow indicates.


Maps and Navigation

Essentially we drove around the lake front in counter clockwise direction.

The photos are divided into sections marked by landmarks which are probably known to residents and professionals working in a given neighborhood.

It should be noted that the boundaries are little fuzzy since we were looking forward and backwards. If you can’t find a building on the border of one of the segments check the next segment.

The numbers refer to folder numbers typically containing between 50 and 100 photos.

I found the best way to find a particular building is to have a Google/Quest map screen open to satellite view as you look.

01) We start the journey at 1530 building on Westlake heading counter clockwise to the University Bridge.

02) Portage Bay out to Highway 520 going West to East

03) Highway 520 South to the Seattle Tennis Club

04) Seattle Tennis Club south the I-90

05) I-90 south to Mount Baker beach

06) Mount Baker beach to Sayers Pits

07) Sayers Pits to south end of Seward Park

08) South Seward Park to Marina at Rainier Beach

09) Rainier Beach Marina south to Renton airport

10) Renton airport north to Seahawks camp

11a) Seahawks camp north to I-90

11b) Diversion in Newport Keys waterfront

12) I-90 north to the entry of Meydenbauer Bay

13a) Meydenbauer Bay

13b) Groat Point north the Highway 520

14) Highway 520 north to Evergreen point

15) Evergreen point into Fairweather bay

16) Hunt Point into Cozy Cove

17) Yarrow Point residential

18) Carillon point to Woodmark hotel

19) Woodmark hotel north to Kirkland Marina

20) Kirkland Marina north to Waverly Park

21) Waverly Park north to Juanita Park

22) Juanita Park north to OO Denny Park

23) OO Denny Park north to Edwards Park

24) Edwards Park north to Kenmore

25) Lake Forest Park north to Kenmore

26)  Sheridan Beach north to Lake Forest Park

27) Sand Point sailing Center north to Sheridan Beach Park

28) Webster Point north to Sand Point (Magnuson Park)

29) Sand Point (Magnuson Park) south to Webster Point

30) Union Bay from Webster Point to crewhouse

31) Union Bay to University Bridge East to West north side of waterway.

32a) Lake Union Fremont Bridge to University Bridge west to east

32b) Lake Union University bridge to Fremont bridge east to west

32c) Lake Union Fremont bridge east to University bridge

33) Ship Canal from Fremont to Locks north side west to east

34) Ship Canal from south side of waterway east to west

35) Fremont Bridge south to Marina Mart building (along Westlake)

36) Lake Union 1530 building (on Westlake) north to Fremont bridge

37) Lake Union view of downtown seattle

WEST Mercer Island:

38) Mercer Island Beach Club north to Groveland Park

39) Groveland Park north to Bonney Street

40) Bonney Street north to Forest Ave SE

41) Forest Ave north to SE 50th Pl.

42) SE50th north to SE43rd

43 SE 43rd north to SE32nd

44) SE32nd north to I-90

NORTH Mercer Island

45) I-90 north to  Blue Yacht (NW corner of Mercer Island)

46) Blue Yacht (NW corner) east to Luther Burbank Park

47) Luther Burbank Park

48) South Luther Burbank park south to I-90


THESE PHOTOS WERE MADE ON 2 DAYS…  One day (files 49a,b,c, etc. were on a cloudy day. Photos of the same territory in folders 51a,b,c,etc were made on a sunny day.

49a, 51a) I-90 south to Mercerwood Shore club

49b, 51b) Mercerwood Shore club south to SE52nd st. end

49c, 51c) SE52nd Pl south to SE67th

49d, 51d) SE67th south Clarke Beach Park

493, 51e) Clarke Beach Park south to Mercer Island Beach Club

50) mountain views


Technical Support

Delivery Methods:


Photoshop Support:





Other Photos part 2

While we were driving around we saw some beautiful images of Mount Rainier, boats, and other things.

We will throw them in for your life style ads…  And, of course, we custom shoot buildings and landscape.

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Other Photos

I mentioned this before but it bears repeating. I did not just photograph the lake shore buildings. We pointed telephoto lenses up the hills so you have photos of any building that we could see from the boat… Conversely, they would have a “view” too.

It’s not glamorous but it is proof that house you’re trying to sell does have a view.


Commercial images

There’s really no limit to what we can do when customizing an image to meet the needs of our clients.

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Special artistic scenes

It’s really hard to pass up this little vignette.

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Isolating a building from the neighbors

You want your customers to focus on the building for lease or sale. Artwork can do that.


Costs of Photos


How to buy

Subject to change, the photos are available to real estate brokers, appraisers, escrow companies, attorneys, construction companies, architects and insurance companies.

If you are interested, we will  consider other categories of professions upon request.

The method of transaction is “license for use”. Therefore the photos are not for sale. But you can purchase a license to use them. At this time, there will be no time limit on “use” but remodeling, painting, replacement, landscaping, and casualties will render a “natural” time limit. We will up date the database frequently. We will establish a price for “new” images at a significant discount from time to time.

We will need to draft a contract for you specifying what use you are going to make of them.

Basic parameters will be:

1) The use must be specified.

2) The use is limited to you and you may not transfer the use of the photos to anyone not identified in the initial contract.

3) The images may not be sold or rented to anyone.

4) Your use in a multiple listing environment, magazine ad, or any other media electronic or print, does not transfer any rights to the multiple listing organization or any other broker, property owner, or party to the transaction.

5) You agree to indemnify the photographers against the mis/mal use of the images (libel, invasion of privacy, or other act deemed derogatory and actionable). It should be noted that there are no statutes or court cases we can find that currently prevent you from using these photos for commercial use. They were taken from a public place and property inherently has no rights to privacy.

6) There will be a significantly high $1500 per picture per use penalty for violating the limited use agreement.

7) We will negotiate a multi user license agreement if you are an in house graphics artist or marketing executive who handles several brokers’ listings, premium listings, or exceptional listings. Most of the houses in the higher priced neighborhoods would certainly fall into those categories.

8) Other items as needed…..

Mike Penney


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