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Subject to change, the photos are available to real estate brokers, appraisers, escrow companies, attorneys, construction companies, architects and insurance companies.

If you are interested, we will  consider other categories of professions upon request.

The method of transaction is “license for use”. Therefore the photos are not for sale. But you can purchase a license to use them. At this time, there will be no time limit on “use” but remodeling, painting, replacement, landscaping, and casualties will render a “natural” time limit. We will up date the database frequently. We will establish a price for “new” images at a significant discount from time to time.

We will need to draft a contract for you specifying what use you are going to make of them.

Basic parameters will be:

1) The use must be specified.

2) The use is limited to you and you may not transfer the use of the photos to anyone not identified in the initial contract.

3) The images may not be sold or rented to anyone.

4) Your use in a multiple listing environment, magazine ad, or any other media electronic or print, does not transfer any rights to the multiple listing organization or any other broker, property owner, or party to the transaction.

5) You agree to indemnify the photographers against the mis/mal use of the images (libel, invasion of privacy, or other act deemed derogatory and actionable). It should be noted that there are no statutes or court cases we can find that currently prevent you from using these photos for commercial use. They were taken from a public place and property inherently has no rights to privacy.

6) There will be a significantly high $1500 per picture per use penalty for violating the limited use agreement.

7) We will negotiate a multi user license agreement if you are an in house graphics artist or marketing executive who handles several brokers’ listings, premium listings, or exceptional listings. Most of the houses in the higher priced neighborhoods would certainly fall into those categories.

8) Other items as needed…..

Mike Penney


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